Investment Management

Working families lead busy lives. Between the work demands, running kids to school and soccer, and the busy-ness of life, who has time to devote to managing the day-to-day aspects of investing?

We remove the research, rebalancing, and reporting that portfolio management demands, and provide professional advisors to give you confidence that your hard-earned money is working for you.

With Pathfinder Planning as your investing partner you get:

  • A personal Investment Policy Statement that helps you remain focused on your long-term investing goals so you don’t panic when the market takes a downturn, or get over-zealous in a bubble.
  • Follow through on the entire investing process from account setup and transfer completion to performance and account reporting.
  • Annual Goal Setting, Investment Review and Work Benefits Review meetings to keep your investing and planning on track.
  • Professional portfolio management and Custom portfolios to suit your specific needs.
  • Monthly email that provides you with timely investment information.

We provide online account access through our investment providers: Betterment for Advisors, First Ascent Asset Management and TDAmeritrade