Investment Review

If you are already budgeting, have an emergency fund and have paid off (or almost paid off!) your debts, you are now ready to invest!

As you begin, let Pathfinder Planning lend a hand to help make sure you’re on track to realize the financial future you’ve been dreaming of.

Investment Review

Only $500

If you are tech-savvy and organized, this plan is for you! We use online resources to easily gather your information, then centralize it. All your planning is compiled in one easy-to-access place. And you can expect one or two face-to-face meetings, so you get the best of internet ease for number crunching with a real person for the human interaction you need.

Your Investment Review consists of:

  • Big-picture overview of your current financial state
  • Review of your current investments – or set up new ones if you are getting started
  • Talk about your comfort level with investing and risk
  • Create a strategy to match your timeline
  • Recommend investments that answer your question: What do I invest in?

After your review, you will have continued access to:

  • Advizr, your online planning portal to check your progress
  • Monthly email with checklists that provides you with timely financial reminders

And if you need more:

  • Betterment and other investment management services (with separate pricing) are available if you need help starting or managing your investments ​

College Calculator Report

Only $100

In addition to the Investment Review, you can choose to add the College Calculator Report:

  • Find out how much you need to save to cover college costs
  • Learn how to reduce costs with available state scholarships and grants
  • Take a long term view with Action Items to start as your child begins high school
  • Receive 529 Plan investment recommendations for your specific savings needs
  • Only one report fee – no matter how many kids you have!