The Pathfinder Planning Story

My pre-mom life always seemed to involve counting money in some fashion. Whether in banking or brokerage, operations or service, my jobs in the finance industry involved training staff in some form or another.

All of those roles were fun, but I found that something was missing from each one I took on. All the while, people were asking me financial questions, so I tried my best to help guide them.

I realized right then and there that it was God’s way of telling me that I had what it takes to help people. Not just train people to sell financial products, but really get out there and help people build a good financial future. He was telling me to go out there and that He will be with me.

That’s it. So here I am, with Pathfinder Planning as my platform to help guide you towards everything you need for a solid financial future. I have my CFP® certification, which means I’ve completed all the requirements to be a Certified Financial Planner™, which include added education, passing an exam, gaining planning experience, and engaging in ethical conduct.

So exactly how do I help you? As a fee only planner I focus on your plan, period. My focus on financial education has always been to take complex financial ideas and make them simple enough to understand and implement.

To do this, I use what I call The Financial Tower to help build the foundation of a healthy financial future.

Just like your body and mind, your finances need to be healthy in order to thrive. Think of the food pyramid or Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We start at the bottom of the tower with the essentials so we can build a solid foundation. Then, we work our way up to the top. If you are missing blocks, we work to build and strengthen them. If you’ve got blocks that threaten to topple your foundation (like debt), we will work together to get rid of them.